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How to Reduce Ad-Infested Online Games

I have discovered recently a new hobby: online games. Not poker and such, but the usual strategy, dress up and fashion gaming the web has to offer. Unfortunately most than half the time I spent playing them I had to spend dodging, closing, or accidentally clicking on,ufabetเว็บตรง pop up ads. There are thousands of websites out there that claim to offer the greatest free gaming experience of all times. Unfortunately, most of them are ad factories, which infest your screen with pop up ads until you are completely fed up with everything related to this domain.

Do not add pop up blockers. Those are pretty basic programs that do not discern between an ad and an actual useful pop up, like the enlargement of a photo. You will most likely ruin your browsing experience after installing one.

Do not install add-blockers of any kind. The websites who actually provide a good gaming experience, and work hard for their audience, live off them. If you block them they will eventually go dark because just like you, they have bills to pay and cannot afford wasting time in a no-income enterprise. Since you don’t actually have to pay them, don’t limit their chances at payment. Once in a while you may see an ad you feel like checking out and the website will probably make a few cents off you. Best part is, those few cents don’t go out of your pocket.

Make sure you check out the overall quality of the content the websites provide. Usually the good quality stuff is ad-free or limited to some Google ads that have to be there as detailed above. The very crappy quality ones try to substitute the lack of care with the abundance of ads, so they will eventually have a high income even though there’s nothing in there to justify it.

Do not click on each and every link you see. It actually helps.

Bookmark the stuff you like and the stuff you feel it doesn’t invade your personal space.

Do not visit sites linked to the ones that are annoyingly full of ads. Most likely the same company owns them. The plan is to keep redirecting you in a circle of websites designed to generate a lot of income through very aggressive ad campaigns. In the end, your annoyance is their income.

If you find sites that hold true to their name, stick to them. Make sure you remember them and go back if you feel they have treated you fair. If you do an engine search, try to remember the first search queries are not always the most relevant ones.

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